Terms and Conditions

Rent your ski boat through Good Nuf Boat Rentals in Northern Wisconsin, quality boats at a fair rate

Rental rates do not include delivery charges, sales tax, gasoline or oil.

Delivery and pick-up is to a serviceable boat landing of choice. Delivery fee depending on delivery landing location. If there is a launch fee it is the responsibility of the customers. For delivery area, see map on main page.

Upon meeting at the boat landing, I will put the boat in the water and review its operation with you. Together we will check the condition of the boat, complete a short inventory and sign a lease agreement. This also is when the rental fee is collected. At this time you are set to drive off with the boat as you please.

All boats are delivered filled with gasoline and oil. Upon return, reimbursement of these fluids is required. We use non-ethanol gasoline.

Responsible customers will have experience in the operation of watercraft. Have practical knowledge of the relevant body of water and the submerged hazards. When not in use, boats must always be staged at a safe and secure mooring location. To prevent hull damage, we do not allow boats to be parked on any shoreline.

Damage, excessive wear, or neglect to any part of the boat, motor or equipment is the responsibility of the lessee.

Minimums may apply.

Click below to review Lease Agreement prior to boat rental. 

Various forms of payment accepted; No Credit or Debit Cards